About Morgan Rhea - Morgan Rhea
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About Morgan Rhea

Our Story

Morgan Rhea is a luxury accessory brand that embodies the vision of our Designer Morgan Beals. With the help of her team, they strive to make each accessory come to life with a personal story. Launched in March 2014, Morgan Rhea has been enriched by learning the personal stories of each client.

Morgan has won an International Design Award for her “Ronald Briefcase,” created custom shoes for singer-songwriter John Legend, and has collaborated with many artists to create a product unique to them. After Morgan Graduated from Savannah college of art and design, Morgan worked in the industry alongside top professionals at Coach Headquarters in New York City.

The Morgan Rhea brand is inspired by the journey of those who have been influential in each team members life. The stories written upon these accessories have helped to shape the brand into the line of luxury goods it is today.

Our Mission

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At Morgan Rhea, we hand assemble luxury leather goods. Leading the industry in personalization of timeless fashion, we create sentimental connections with each of our clients and continuously reinvent emotional design by creating an accessory that becomes a conversation in itself.

Stitch By Stitch

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Our team works closely with each order to create a timeless piece that will last for generations. Once your order is received, our production team collaborates to create your specific piece. Each piece is then handmade, with careful precision, and reviewed by one of our team members to ensure the Morgan Rhea quality is asserted into each stitch. Once your bespoke product passes our thorough inspection, we then seal the leather with a special formula to help your piece stay conditioned and age timelessly along your journey. This effect is what gives each piece a unique quality, specific to each client.






Our Promise To You

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Here at Morgan Rhea, we promise to create an accessory that can be appreciated for generations. Just as our journey has brought us here, we cherish each client’s personal story and will allow that to transfer onto each piece during the production phase. We believe not only that a handbag should represent the person that carries it but, also the path that they choose through life. With careful production and only quality materials, alongside natural patina, each bag will begin to fade or darken when mixed with the natural oils of the human body. Throughout the life of the bag, you will notice the leather softening as it journeys through each day and begins to show the owners journey alongside it.

Meet The Team

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Morgan Richards
Morgan Richards

Morgan Beals


Morgan attended Kanawha Valley Community and Technical College in 2009 after graduating High School. She received her two year Associate Degree in Fashion Merchandising. She went on to get her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Accessory Design at Savannah College of Art and Design in 2014.


While at school Morgan was selected from her class to meet with top leaders in her industry such as Zac Posen and Alexander Wang. She was taught by professionals on how to perfect the art of making accessories.


Upon graduation Morgan won an International Award for Best Student made handbag at the Independent Handbag Designer Awards for her “Ronald Briefcase” from her Silently Speaking Gratitude Collection. She Apprenticed at the Coach Headquarters in New York City. After completing her time in New York she wanted to come back to her Appalachian roots and start her business in Charleston, West Virginia. She has designed for singer John Legend and Brett Dennen. Morgan has been in business since March 2015 and has been thriving ever since.

Michael Beals

Marketing Director

Michael began his career with the Banana Republic as a visual merchandiser. Creating rapport with his customers, Michael was able to draw the customers in with his expert visual eye. He received his Associates in Fashion Design in 2011 and continued his studies of photography at SCAD. During his study, he participated in Coca-Cola’s 2014 ad campaign with visual and photographic direction. Michael finalized his study of photography in 2014 at SCAD and helped create the vision of Morgan Rhea.

Cody Richards
Cody Richards

Cody Richards

Management & Operations

In 2006, Cody began his management career with Geostellar, a solar energy company, as project manager for all east coast accounts. After two years, he then moved into retail with Sports Authority, a leading national sporting goods store. After just six short months Cody became a Regional Manager overseeing business operations for twenty two stores in the Southern California market, spanning into Arizona. Cody spent 3 years with the company growing sales and implementing new policies and procedures for further growth. He worked closely with local community groups and staff to ensure an everlasting rapport with the market while competitors moved in. He then moved to South Carolina to invest his time flipping the profit growth of three nationally known and “top 100” rated night clubs.


During his tenure, Cody was able to increase profits by thirty five percent in just the first six months. He then implemented several strategies to ensure growth during the off season by working closely with the local community. After leaving South Carolina, Cody stepped back into his responsibilities in his management career to ensure success in Morgan Rhea. In December 2014, Cody joined Dick’s Sporting Goods as manager. After just his first quarter, Cody was able to raise sales by sixteen percent, and continued to increase growth. Cody was able to produce record numbers and lead his store to highest profit store in the chain during his first seasonal promotion.


Cody studied Business Management at the University of Redlands and elected class CEO where he oversaw class communications with the staff and conducted meetings to ensure class success. Cody specializes in team leadership and staffing, while emphasizing in profit growth.

Kathi Richards

Kathi Richards

Sales & On-Boarding

In 1998 Kathi joined Profiles International, a world leader in human resource management and Assessments. With partner Kathleen Walker they opened Epiphany Consulting in 2000 as a Strategic Business Partner, focusing on employee capital by reducing employee related cost through customized assessment solutions. Profiles International and Epiphany Consulting provide critical information missing from traditional hiring by, partnering with government to improve their existing selection, coaching, and training programs. Kathi focuses on the client’s bottom line by measuring costly hiring mistakes, coaching, motivating effectively, and helping all employees direct their efforts to achieve greater productivity and profitability.


Prior to joining the employee assessment industry, Kathi, after ten years left a successful career in the ultra-competitive and highly demanding cosmetics industry. She was a headquarters executive for Ohio, West Virginia and Eastern Kentucky with direct responsibility in human management capital: employee hiring, training, developing, as well as buying, gross margins and bottom line results.

Kathi Richards
Mary Richards
Mary Richards

Mary Richards

Financial Director

Mary began her career at Roosa Counseling Services, where she was office manager and ensured correct entries for medical billing and scheduling. She was able to help growth of the company by expanding client confidentiality and community relations. She then moved to Dimonel Reprographics where she was office manager. She oversaw accounts receivable, accounts payable, delivery scheduling. She was able to increase production and sales by keeping and organizing staff and client base. Mary then joined Ripley’s Aquarium, overseeing Marketing and community relations. Mary was able to ensure long term growth by working closely with property management and local community groups and schools, creating programs to help develop knowledge within the surrounding communities.


Mary attended SUNY Orange in New York, studying accounting. She currently is finishing up her book keeping certifications through Penn Foster.