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Our New Wallet

I first introduced our “New Wallet” on my wedding day. I made all of my bridesmaids a personalized one with a message about our friendship. They love the functionality of it and how it doesn’t take up a lot of room in their handbag. It is a perfect fit inside our Morgan Rhea Crossbody and Marylou Clutch. It is offered in all of our signature colors and we have added in new quotes never seen before. I made this wallet to have many compartments. It offers six card holder slots which can fit two to three cards in each and a place for your money behind the cards. You can place your phone or checkbook on the other side. With the holidays right around the corner, I believe this is a perfect gift! You can personalize it or choose a quote that we offer. Help put a smile on someone’s face this holiday season by giving them something so personal.





The Sandra Tote

In honor of breast cancer awareness month, we are talking about our Sandra Tote and what special message our clients have on theirs! The first Sandra Tote was made three years ago in honor of my Aunt Sandy and her story of battling and overcoming breast cancer. This bag was made because she would have to take a tote bag to her doctors or chemo appointments. I have had the privilege of watching her overcome her battle with the disease. She is one of the strongest women I know and I wanted to make a bag that reflects that. Our Sandra Tote can be carried to your work meeting or on a weekend trip. Wherever you go your story travels with you!




The Greenbrier

What a better way to get inspiration than to visit the beautiful Dorothy Draper prints and fabrics “The Greenbrier” has to offer! As an artsy person myself, I am always looking for things that inspire me. The Resort holds so much history, it used to serve as a hospital during World War II. After the war Dorothy was brought in and made the Resort come to life with bold colors and amazing prints. While there, we had dinner at “Drapers” and topped the day off with homemade peach ice-cream! Totally worth it, Yum!! I was truly inspired by this dream resort right in the heart of West Virginia. If you are looking to be inspired with fresh prints and fun colors visit “The Greenbrier,”  Oh and take a Jackie along with you!





Oh Happy Day!

I recently got married a few months ago. I was able to incorporate our Morgan Rhea accessories. I used our coin clutch to hold the rings. It was perfect for the ring bearers to carry down the aisle. I used one of my favorite quotes “ Suddenly all of my ancestors are behind me. Be still, they say. Watch and listen. You are the result of the love of thousands.” As our rings were held in the coin clutch, I knew that my ancestors were with me. I made my bridesmaids wallets with a personal message inside that spoke of our journey together. The guest each received a personalized bracelet from Michael and I thanking them for their love and support throughout the years. It was such a happy and joyous occasion and I am grateful that I was able to incorporate Morgan Rhea on our special day. We have an array of items that you can incorporate into your wedding or a wedding gift for your best friend or loved one. Clients have requested wedding gifts such as matching card holders to our passport holders with the bride and grooms name, wedding date and location. We offer accessories that touch the heart in so many ways. What a better way to start a marriage off than with a custom Morgan Rhea piece that they can pass down to their children and remind them of their special day!



Aging process of leather.

We like to tell your story here at Morgan Rhea! Have you noticed that your accessory is darkening into its own patina? With the water buffalo that we use, this is what is suppose to happen. It is mixing with the natural oils of the human body. We want your daily wear and journey to show on your accessory. Our bracelets are a wonderful way to share your mantra daily. You will start to see your bracelets fade into your daily life. Remember not to shower with them on. The more you get them wet the faster the process will be. Just like you would not wear your handbag or wallet in the shower, do not wear your bracelets. I have worn one of my bracelets every day for three years and I love the natural hue it has created. I can look back on my journey just by looking down at my wrist. I love to stack my story. I wear three of them daily, one to remind me of my nephew, one to remind me of my wedding day and the very first one I had ever made. It makes me truly grateful to see where I have been and joyful to where I am going. Please let us know how you are stacking your bracelets. We would love to hear from you.





New York City

We pride ourselves in making timeless accessories that tell your story. From hand dyeing the leather to the very last stitch, each item is handmade in America. There is so much time, effort and precision that goes into everything we do. Your accessory is supposed to tell your journey of where you are going to where you have been. We provide pre-made quotes on our website that you can choose from as well as you can add your own story. I recently went to New York City for Morgan Rhea. We went to the Project MRket at the Javits Center. It was such a great and neat experience getting able to source anything from fabric to new hardware. It is such a great city and you are surrounded by so many people going every which way, what a better way to express who you are on the subway or walking in SoHo than with a Morgan Rhea accessory. This could spark a conversation and maybe you will meet a new friend or the love of your life. This is what makes Morgan Rhea so unique! It’s an investment that will last for generations. By being handmade here in America we are able to make sure each stitch is branded to our standard. We want to hear your stories of how your bracelet, wallet, key chain or handbag has sparked a conversation. Share Your Story!



How to care for your accessory.

Your accessories become a part of your everyday wear. To help your leather last, keep it oiled. The more your accessories dry out the more the life span decreases. Just as we need water your handbag needs moisture. Here at Morgan Rhea, I have a process with the leather, but my last step is to always oil it. There is a lot of different ways to oil your bags. There is mink oil, neatsfoot oil as well as natural remedies. Have you ever noticed spots on your handbag? Your leather is most likely veg tanned, in this case, you definitely need to care for your accessory. Veg tan is one of my favorite leathers as it will age with you and your natural oils. If you own a Morgan Rhea, you will start to see the leather aging and soften into the perfect color. This is what we strive for. Our leather is Water Buffalo, which creates a perfect solid base for me to apply the steps in the patina process. Each step that we take here is personal, and we believe that your accessory is too. Share your story, make it count!



Your Wedding Day!

Wedding season is quickly approaching and what a better way to tell your future bride or groom how much you love them, than with a one of a kind MR accessory. You can add your wedding date, the day you met, your favorite quote, or wedding vowels onto any accessory and choose from our custom colors. We hand craft everything from start to finish so that your item is personal. Our bracelets make a great gift for your bridal party. You can add a friendship quote or words that describe your friendship. Your wedding is only one day, but your friendships and love will last a lifetime, why not give them something to remind them everyday?  Planning your special day can be very stressful, so let us take care of the gift giving and you can sit back and relax (a little).







School of Fashion

After graduating high school in 2009, I attended my local Community College called “Kanawha Valley Community and Technical College.” I received my two year Associate Degree in Fashion Merchandising. It was a wonderful start to my career in the Fashion Industry.
While in school, I had visited “ Savannah College of Art and Design.” I fell in love with the charm of Savannah and SCAD. The School Of Fashion was over the top. When on my tour, I was able see all the students working. Once I saw the Accessory Department, I knew that this was exactly what I wanted to study. I came home, applied and got accepted! The next step was leaving my comfort zone to start my future. I was able to meet amazing friends, my fiancé and learn from amazing top professionals in the industry. My classes consisted of hand making handbags and shoes from start to finish. In between, I had to take core classes such as art history, life drawing and critical thinking skills. I was taught the skills needed to move forward. Because of my path and attending these schools, I am confident in what I do today. It is such a wonderful feeling being able to hand make accessories for people to express their stories and who they are.


Wake up and smell the Greenery!

Happy Spring and Happy International Happiness Day! This is probably one of my favorite days of the year. The days start to get warmer, clothes and accessories start to get brighter and the flowers are blooming. The 2017 Pantone Color of the Year is Greenery. What a fun way to express yourself and be on trend. If you are feeling a little spunky and ready for spring pair this wild color with our brown Crossbody. It will be sure to stand out and express your story.