FAQ - Morgan Rhea
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We strive to offer the best customer service for our wonderful clients. For your convenience, we have a list of common FAQ for you to review before you have to contact us directly. As always, all our products are handmade with care and looked over by our staff to ensure Morgan Rhea quality and brand standards are met.


We accept all major credit cards, Paypal, checks, and cash.


All Morgan Rhea accessories are handmade and shipped within 2-4  weeks of order. Our Small accessories are shipped via USPS and larger accessories with UPS and tracking anywhere in the US.

Gratitude Proceeds

Our Gratitude campaigns strive to give back to organizations that have greatly touched our lives.  Other than what Morgan Rhea needs to cover the cost of goods, your money goes straight to the featured organization.  This ensures the effect of support directly impacts the cause at hand and allows Morgan Rhea to continue making an impact by creating an accessory that continues to give back by even beyond your purchase by creating conversation around the cause.

Returns and Exchanges

Personalized Items

Due to individual likes and inspirations, we do not accept personalized accessory returns.

Stock Items

We will gladly work with you to exchange or return your accessory if you are unhappy with your Morgan Rhea design within 14 days, as long as the product is in like new condition.


If you are dissatisfied with your product please email us.


Please contact us to get started and we will get your new Morgan Rhea accessory back in your hands ASAP.

Can I put song lyrics onto my accessory?

We love our fellow artist and would never want to infringe on the copyright of their lyrics. Unless the lyrics are public domain, we cannot use them for personalization on any accessory.

What are some ways to express my story onto an accessory?

  • A letter from a loved one.
  • A note you wrote to yourself in your diary.
  • Words that express your story.
  • A story about your child being born.
  • Wedding day.
  • A day where you reached a life goal, like climbing Mount Everest.
  • How about a poem your grandmother wrote your grandfather while he was away in Europe.


You are living your story each day, let us help you express it!

How much does it cost to personalize?

The cost to personalize an item depends on the item you have chosen. When you select to personalize an item, the price will automatically recalculate to the price of the item plus the price of the personalization.

About Our Leather

We use full grain water buffalo and embrace the natural marks in our leather. To ensure Morgan Rhea quality, we use hides that have not been sanded, buffed, or dyed and tanned with harsh chemicals that may weaken the strength of the hide. With our leather being so natural, some hides will often show beautiful marks or other variations than can not be imitated by mankind.


Over time, our bags will patina with the natural oils of your skin, making it even more personal to your story.