WV KIDS COUNT is determined to make West Virginia a great place to be a kid, for all kids!
Did you know that there’s a KIDS COUNT in every state and that West Virginia was one of the first KIDS 
COUNT’s in the country? As a private, nonprofit, non-partisan organization, WV KIDS COUNT has championed the needs of kids and families for 32 years by using three strategic pillars to guide our work.
  • Data: Providing the most trusted source of data about the well-being of West Virginia’s kids.
  • Partnerships: Establishing collaborative relationships with organizations that strive to make every kid count in West Virginia.
  • Advocacy: Sharing information about West Virginia’s kids in a way that encourages others to take action on their behalf. 
They use data to drive decisions that make life better for West Virginia’s kids and families. For example, the WV KIDS COUNT Data Book reports on child well-being in the framework of education, health, economy and community. It helps to explain it this way. If a hypothetical classroom of 30 children were based on current demographics in West Virginia, this is how the students in that classroom would live: 
• Three children would have been a low weight at birth
• Two children would be a racial minority 
• Six children would live in poverty 
• 10 children would live in a home with parents who lack secure employment 
• 18 children would be covered by Medicaid 
• One child would have no health insurance 
• Three children would live in Foster Care 
• Two children would live in families where the household head did not graduate from high school 
• Four of those children would be exposed to drugs 
They celebrate areas in which kids are thriving. At the same time, they identify areas needing improvement. Most importantly, they put a spotlight on people and programs who are making a positive difference in the areas of education, healthcare, economy and community. They call this instilling hope or providing a pathway to progress. There’s no better way to instill hope than by lifting up their very own - West Virginian's who lead by example and champion the lives of children.  
By widely sharing this data each year, they get it in the hands of those who can make informed decisions and influence positive change towards a better, brighter future for the children of West Virginia.
Proceeds from fundraising directly support the operational and outreach efforts that strengthen their mission of making West Virginia a great place to be a kid.
Making Every Kid Count in WV
The research, publication and distribution of our annual WV KIDS COUNT Data Book and online interactive database. 
Advocacy in Action
Outreach and advocacy efforts that encourage legislators and policy leaders to use data to guide investments in child and family programs and resources.
Spreading the News
Ensuring local news and media outlets have access to and share factual information about child well-being data.
Securing Resources that Support  Child Well-Being
Efforts to teach educators, healthcare professionals, social service organizations, and economic development entities how to use our data in grant writing, program development, resource allocation, and more. 
Lifting the Leaders of Tomorrow
Listening to the voices behind the numbers as we learn first-hand what it’s like being a kid in WV through our Youth Advisory Council comprised of high school students from around the state.
Embracing Diversity so Children Thrive
Supporting diversity, equity and inclusion efforts through storytelling, mentorships, resiliency education, and building power in community’s of color.
Empowering Local Communities
Engaging Regional Ambassador organizations that extend our reach in local communities across the state.