Morgan Rhea

The Sandra Mini Tote

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The Sandra Tote is designed for everyday wear. It has a tab flap located in the middle to secure the bag together with button closure. The hand-rolled handles make wear easier. The interior features a hanging pocket with a slotted cardholder. The cardholder pocket will comfortably hold up to six cards and cash. The hanging pocket can hold all of your essential items. You will never lose your keys because they can be attached to the D-ring on the interior. The bottom has a reinforced leather base with a quote. 

Height of Body: 14 inches 

Width of Body Top: 15.5 inches 

Width of Body Bottom: 11 inches


  • Drop: 10 inches 
  • Width: 4.45 inches 

Inside Hanging Pocket

  • Height: 6 inches 
  • Width: 7.5 inches 
  • Card Slots
Height: 2.75 inches
Width: 3 inches
Inside D-ring: 1 inch


  • Height: 5.5 inches 
  • Width: 2 inches 
Front: May your life be filled with love and happiness. May you become prosperous and abundant. May you be at peace and at ease throughout the process. Have courage and be kind. Stay humble. See the good in all things. Your potential is endless. Always find time for things that make you feel alive. 
Back: Enjoy the little things in life, because one day you will look back and realize they were the big things. No one is you, that is your power. Let the beauty of what you love be what you do. Do what makes your soul shine. In the waves of change we find our true direction. Dream big. Work hard. Be you.
Inside Base: Say yes to new adventures.