Morgan Rhea

Eddie Spaghetti Collaboration Canvas Tote

Eddie “Spaghetti” Maier ( uses his creative talents to share Mother Nature's bountiful gifts of beauty. While he predominately works as a printmaker, he is also adept in other mediums including pottery, batik, mural painting, and just about anything art related. Eddie also loves to share his talents by teaching and holding art workshops.

He has a reverence for nature and love of the outdoors. His activities include canoeing, camping, hiking and travel, primarily in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia where he calls Morgantown, WV his home.

Eddie feels blessed and grateful for his artistic talents but his success has come from years of hard work and dedication. He grew up feeling most connected with clay and making pottery on the wheel. But, after learning woodcut printmaking while on a study abroad to Australia, he found his calling. Even after 20 years of making woodcuts, he still says, “I can't stop carving. I've become obsessed with the process. I love printmaking.” ...and his passion shows in his work.

His decision to make art become his lively hood is worth mentioning. After the death of his brother Erich, he realized the sacred meaning of life is to live it. He felt it was time to pursue his passion. Kathy Martinez, an artist friend from Johnstown, PA turned Eddie on to selling his art at music festivals and arts and craft fairs. He can often be found traveling with his family to places all over the USA. His wife Talia and children Zealon and Zuri also make art to be shared and sold while they are on the road together. He boasts, “I love seeing places across our country, “We've got brothers and sisters all over. That's what makes an artist's life so special.”
The tote patch features Eddie's "The Best Things In Life Are Free" artwork in our Copper Leather on Black Canvas. 

Material: 10 oz Canvas

Width: 18 inches

Height: 15 inches

Gusset: 5 inches 


  • Width: 1.5 inches 
  • Drop: 23 inches 

Front Pocket

  • Width: 9 inches 
  • Height: 8 inches 
Features a 10 ounce canvas with leather patch and side tabs. They are attached with Antique Brass rivets. The handles are cotton webbing for a more durable hold.