Morgan Rhea

Initial Koozie & Keychain Bundle


Koozie is MR Signature with Copper detail leather & Black Hardware

Keychain is Copper with Black Hardware 

Please allow a few weeks to make due to personalized initials. 


Initials will appear exactly how you add them into the box. If you want (.) after each initial add in box.
The Linden Keychain is designed for your everyday use. Add your keys to the O-ring to keep them in place. The clip can be placed on your belt loop, clipped to a D-ring inside your bag or anywhere you need for easy access to your keys. It features our solid brass hardware that pairs perfectly with our copper. 

Height: 7 inches

Width: 0.85 inches 

Swivel Clip Height: 2.5 inches 

O-Ring Circumference: 1 inch 

Length: 4 inches 

Width: 4.5 inches 

Fits snug on 12 oz cans and some water bottles. Leather will loosen after a few uses.