Morgan Rhea

"Yes, You Can," Gratitude Bracelet for Becky Johnson

Becky Johnson’s story: 
On Thursday, September 3, 2020, she had a seizure (without any prior symptoms ) at home after work with my her youngest daughters being there that took her to the ER. She was then transported to Washington, PA for many tests and scans. A tumor was found in the brain that needed to be removed. She  was admitted to Allegheny General in Pittsburgh where she underwent brain surgery to remove the mass. After surgery, she decided to have all results sent to WVU Medicine. On September 28th, she met with the oncologist at WVU and was diagnosed with Primary DLBCL/CNS Lymphoma, a rare Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, where cancer cells from lymph tissue form in the brain and/or spinal cord (primary).
She was born and raised in Charleston, and a graduate of South Charleston High School. 
She has lived in Waynesburg, PA since 2009 and has three daughters 
Kaila Cobbs, Carly Whyte and Anna Whyte. 
Funds raised  will be helping her with medical expenses. 
Our sketch artisan Jules Fox-Murphy is friends with Becky and sketched beautiful poppies as they are Becky’s favorite flower. 
  • Please allow a week and a half for item to be made.
  • *No discount codes can be applied to Gratitude Campaigns as we are trying to raise funds for the featured cause.

Gratitude Is An Emotion; Expressing Appreciation For What One Has. Here At Morgan Rhea, We Thrive Upon Giving Back To The Community And Showing Gratitude In A Silent Way

Our Gratitude page is driven by the support of others. We focus our efforts and talent to help support those organizations that help support lives in a bigger way. We work with each organization and create a bracelet that reflects the mission appropriately.  These bracelets are sold for a limited time, to help their fundraising efforts. Each campaign is uniquely different and we strive to create a product that helps spread awareness and remembrance of each cause.

Small: 7.5 inches from first hole to silver knob and 7 inches from second hole to silver knob. 

Medium: 8 inches from first hole to silver knob and 7.5 inches from second hole to silver knob. 

Large: 9 inches from first hole to silver knob and 8.5 inches from second hole to silver knob. 

X-Large: 9.5 inches from first hole to silver knob and 9 inches from second hole to silver knob.

Since we use a natural leather we suggest you do not get your bracelet wet. You will start to see a natural patina from everyday wear and the oils in your skin. The holes are a little snug in the beginning as they will begin to slightly stretch with wear.