Morgan Rhea

The WV Day 2022 Featured Tote

Introducing the 2022 West Virginia Day Featured Tote
Only 1-159 are numbered celebrating WV Birthday! 

We believe that when you truly love someone or something you celebrate them! So to celebrate West Virginia’s 159th Birthday, Morgan and Michael created something special inspired by their West Virginia roots, and spoiler alert it's a love story.

Morgan was born and raised here, she traveled down south for school but always knew WV felt like home. After collaborating in college Michael chose to chase the mountains and the woman he loved and has been a proud resident of the state for the past 8 years. The two were married on a beautiful June afternoon, a few days after the state's birthday. They have been inspired to share and celebrate that story through their work ever since.

With a similar taste in music, they loved laying in the open air and sharing new and old songs with one another. The sense of connection they felt listening together was set in the background of WV so they chose to place WV State Song, “The West Virginia Hills” as the background of their limited edition 2022 West Virginia Day Featured Tote! A lyric that inspired them was "Oh, the West Virginia hills! How majestic and how grand." As you drive through West Virginia the hills' warm embrace on the horizon is truly almost heaven. That love of music and love of craftsmanship is in the family DNA. The banjo is representative of Morgan’s Grandfather, John who was always playing music in his wood shop. In that shop, even a thimble could ( and regularly was) crafted as a practical and beautiful part of life.

The Rhododendrons are a favorite of the designers and can be found throughout the Morgan Rhea collections. They are bright and colorful and come from sunny regions. We hope that when you walk down the street with your WV Day tote it is reminiscent of hiking through trails, on a warm beautiful day.

The monarch butterfly not only represents our state, but it also symbolizes the butterfly effect. What you do now matters not just today, but for future generations to come and small changes can have big results.

Micheal has a talent for developing a beautiful visual that holds the attention and the state bird is the master of this skill. The Northern cardinal is a stunning red bird, that will attract attention in nature and in the depiction of the 2022 WV Day Featured Tote. It signifies new friends, good luck, and devotion as well as a reminder that loved ones who have passed are always with us.

The steam locomotive represents Morgan’s Great Great Grandfather, Fred Brown. Fred was an engineer on the C & O Railroad in Hinton, WV, and believed that if you worked hard and looked after others your life would always feel full.

Morgan and Michael hope you will cherish this tote as a representation of your roots and use it to start conversations that let you share your history and tell the story of the life you are creating.


Due to high demand please allow a few weeks for your item/items to be made. 

Width: 18 inches

Height: 15 inches

Gusset: 5 inches 


  • 8/9 oz Copper MR Leather 

Front Pocket

  • Width: 9 inches 
  • Height: 8 inches