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West Virginia Humanities Gratitude Bracelet


The West Virginia Humanities Council sustains and strengthens West Virginias cultural network – the scholars, organizations and institutions that represent it's history, heritage, and living tradition. 

 For over 50 years, they have created, preserved, and shared stories about West Virginia. As a nonpartisan nonprofit and the official state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities, they commit 75% of their budget to grant making and direct programming every year for projects throughout the Mountain State. They collaborate with k-12 schools, colleges, universities, historical societies, museums, libraries, and people all over the state to bring the world to West Virginia, and West Virginia to the world.

 They believe that West Virginia–its people, its culture, and its future–is worth investing in. When you support the West Virginia Humanities Council, you help cultivate a generation of well-rounded, informed, and engaged citizens who contribute to the social, economic, and cultural health of their home communities. By supporting their campaign, you can help ensure the preservation and enrichment of West Virginia’s civic, social, and cultural heritage for years to come.


Your donation will help :

  • fund humanities projects statewide
  • promote civic engagement and social health in our communities
  • strengthen and grow our cultural economy
  • support legacy programs that celebrate West Virginia’s traditions and historical richness
  • aid in the preservation of our public headquarters, Charleston’s historic MacFarland-Hubbard House
Bracelet Quote: Stories are alive in our mountains.

  • Please allow a few weeks for your item to be made due to high demand.
  • *No discount codes can be applied to Gratitude Campaigns as we are trying to raise funds for the featured cause.

Gratitude Is An Emotion; Expressing Appreciation For What One Has. Here At Morgan Rhea, We Thrive Upon Giving Back To The Community And Showing Gratitude In A Silent Way

Our Gratitude page is driven by the support of others. We focus our efforts and talent to help support those organizations that help support lives in a bigger way. We work with each organization and create a bracelet that reflects the mission appropriately.  These bracelets are sold for a limited time, to help their fundraising efforts. Each campaign is uniquely different and we strive to create a product that helps spread awareness and remembrance of each cause.

Small: 7.5 inches from first hole to silver knob and 7 inches from second hole to silver knob. 

Medium: 8 inches from first hole to silver knob and 7.5 inches from second hole to silver knob. 

Large: 9 inches from first hole to silver knob and 8.5 inches from second hole to silver knob. 

X-Large: 9.5 inches from first hole to silver knob and 9 inches from second hole to silver knob.

Since we use a natural leather we suggest you do not get your bracelet wet. You will start to see a natural patina from everyday wear and the oils in your skin. The holes are a little snug in the beginning as they will begin to slightly stretch with wear.