Morgan Rhea

The I Am Cuff Bracelet

The I am Cuff was made as a daily reminder that your are worthy, loved and enough. Featuring a two hole adjustment designed to fit comfortably on your wrist for all day wear.
The I Am Cuff Bracelet is to be worn as a daily reminder that you are enough, you are worthy, you are strong, you are confident. This cuff has a two hole size adjustment, a D-ring and two rivets. Wear this as a cuff as a daily reminder to yourself that you are enough. 


  • Height: 0.75 inches 
  • Width: 6 inches 

Larger end Width: 1.5 inches 

Smaller end Width: 0.75 inches 


Bracelet Length: 7.35 inches 

Fits wrist size: 5 inches on the second knob, 5.35 inches on the first knob



Bracelet Length: 9 inches 

Fits wrist size: 6.5 inches on the second knob, 7 inches on the first knob



Bracelet Length: 11 inches 

Fits wrist size: 8.5 inches on the second knob, 9 inches on the first knob

I am enough, I am worthy, I am happy, I am bold, I am courageous, I am brave, I am strong, I am confident, I am joyous, I am beautiful, I am proud, I am loved
(This Item can not be personalized)