The Johnny Dopp Kit was designed in memory of Morgan and Cody's Grandfather. He was an amazing woodturner, gardener, storyteller, and grandfather. They would spend their summers at their grandparents' house eating cucumbers right out of the garden. He would always have Sunday dinners ready with homemade recipes. He served in the Army with Richard Petty and Elvis Presley once made a pizza for him and his crew. As he got older, his health began to decline and he would make trips to the hospital. He would always call Morgan and Michael to bring his Dopp Kit to him because it carried all of his essentials. We hope that when you take your Johnny Dopp Kit with you, that you will be inspired from the name it carries. 

 The Jack Passport holder was designed in memory of Morgan and Cody's Great Grandfather. He married their Great Grandmother Wilma Jean, in an elopement. They didn't tell anyone until after they were married. Later in life, he served our Country in the Army. He was in the Battle of the Bulge, where he lost his eyesight and was placed in a hospital in England from his injuries. Luckily he regained his sight. He also was on the Second Wave of Normandy during War World II. He was a wonderful man with an unwavering love for his country and family very much.


The Harriet Bag was designed in memory of Michael's Grandmother. She was a traveler, entrepreneur and philanthropist. She and Michael's Grandfather, Frederick (Bud), lived in many places because Bud served in the Navy during World War II as a Naval Pilot. She was Crossroads Guild President for 5 years. This was an organization that helped provide services for men, women and children with special needs and disabilities.  She loved giving back.  She was very social gal who had a wonderful way of making everyone she met feel special and comfortable. She loved to travel and see her many lifelong friends she had all over the country. She and Bud moved to Vero beach in 1975 and opened a print shop that is still operating today by Michael's Dad. Just as Harriet loved to travel, we wanted to design a bag that could travel with you for all your daily needs.   


 The Martin Cardholder was designed in memory Morgan and Cody's dear family friend named Martin. He was a homeless man that they befriended when they were little, he became a part of their family. He would travel by bus each day to the mall, he always had his wallet with him and Morgan wanted to make a card holder that reflected his simplicity.


The Mary Crossbody was designed in honor of Morgan and Michaels sister-in-law and Cody's wife Mary. Their sweet baby Carter was born at 25 weeks and 3 days, weighing only 1lb. 13oz. Mary and Cody would travel an hour back and forth each day to the NICU to see Carter. As she was traveling back and forth she would carry a thin, lightweight crossbody with just the essentials. Morgan and Michael designed a bag to reflect that. We hope that when you carry your Mary crossbody you will have the strength and power to move on throughout your journey just as Mary did during that time. Now Carter is a thriving, healthy five-year-old!



The first Sandra Tote was designed in honor of Morgan's Aunt Sandy and her story of battling and overcoming breast cancer. This bag was designed because she would have to take a tote bag to her doctors or chemo appointments. Morgan has had the privilege of watching her overcome her battle with the disease. She is one of the strongest women she knows and they wanted to make a bag that reflects that. It can be carried to your work meeting or on a weekend trip. Wherever you go, your story travels with you. 


The Jacob Backpack was designed in honor of Morgan's godson Jacob. He was born at 25 weeks and 3 days, weighing 1 lb. 12 oz. Doctors gave him slim odds of survival and even slimmer odds of leading a "normal" life. However, Jacob is a fighter and overcame those bleak odds. During his four-month stay in the NICU, he underwent multiple surgeries and medical procedures, including heart surgery at just seven days old. He needed supplemental oxygen for the first year of his life and remains medically sensitive. In the face of ongoing medical diagnoses, procedures and surgeries, he has never once complained. He is a happy, six-foot-tall teenager and his positive, "glass is half full" outlook on life and empathetic nature inspire those around him. Throughout his life, he has carried a backpack filled with his creative supplies, from toy trains and wooden swords in his younger years to books and cameras in more recent ones. Jacob is seen here with his loving and proud parents, Megan and Tom.