Morgan and Michael have had four years of schooling, been to many leather distributors and visited leather shows with vendors from all over the world to seek out what was best for Morgan Rhea. 
They now work with a New York City leather merchant who is one of the world’s leading leather suppliers. They are a family-owned and operated enterprise. The tannery Morgan Rhea uses is a 4 generational tannery located in Brazil. The cows they are utilizing are Brazilian, they can be of more than one variety.  It's all cowhide, no steers or bulls.


Where does leather come from? It is a by- product of the food industry. Leather only exists because of another industry. It is something created by a number of expensive, labor-intensive steps and processes to turn a rotting hide into something useful and beautiful (sustainability). If it wasn’t tanned it would become waste and it doesn't become compost overnight, or even over decades.  It’s just millions more tons of waste going into the ground. Vegan Leather or faux leather is generally something toxic and petroleum based that does not last and do not decompose making them not more environmentally conscious. 
We have three distinct Morgan Rhea Colors 
Cooper- Brown with a slight orangish tint
MR Signature- Gray with a bluish tint
Cordovan- Red/Brown that is deep
All of our one of a kind colors carry a unique aspect. The process of tanning is all the same, but coloration may be slightly different. Just as we are not all made the same. Some hides may have small markings. The coloring can even change in different lighting, but they are all so beautiful!