At Morgan Rhea we inspire human connection, engagement and communication through our luxury leather goods by honoring your story. We silently speak gratitude to our ancestors and this life by scripting inspiration on our hand crafted accessories in hopes of sparking a connection and conversation for years to come.
Morgan Rhea’s journey began the day she met Michael at orientation at Savannah College of Art and Design. Little did they know that they would be collaborating over the next four years and be married within seven. The company began in early 2015 after Morgan returned from her apprenticeship at the Coach Headquarters in New York City. After being surround by so many people, different ages, races, and ethnicities, this fueled her passion to share people's stories even more. Her senior collection from SCAD would be the inspiration of their company. 
Morgan's journey brought her and Michael to West Virginia. They started in a small warehouse studio in Charleston, hand punching and hand stitching each hole.  Morgan's brother Cody and sister-in-law Mary came back home to help get the company up and running. Morgan Rhea truly believes in family values and keeping their heritage alive. Morgan and Michael design and make each accessory while Cody and Mary help to run operations. From conception to the last stitch each team member is alongside your accessory every step of the way. 
Now Morgan Rhea is telling stories of the nation one accessory at a time. Just as their journey has brought them here, they cherish each client’s personal story and will allow that to transfer onto each piece during the production phase. They believe not only that an accessory should represent the person that carries it but, also the path that they choose through life. With careful production and quality materials, alongside natural patina, each accessory will begin to fade or darken when mixed with the natural oils of the human body. Throughout the life of the accessory, you will notice the leather soften through each day and will begin to show the owner's journey alongside it.

 Morgan Rhea is a design and production studio that is making a way for the accessory industry in the United States and especially in West Virginia. Their journey has been amazing thus far and they cannot express their gratitude for the support from their town, community, and nation. They strive to share your story one accessory at a time, and by you supporting, purchasing and talking about Morgan Rhea, you become a part of their story.