Morgan Rhea’s journey began the day she met Michael at orientation in 2011 at Savannah College of Art and Design. Little did they know that they would be collaborating over the next four years and be married a few years later.
The passion for designing didn't start there.
Morgan always knew she wanted wanted to be in the fashion industry at an early age. She would spend her days coloring and designing outfits. Her mother, Kathi would take her along on her work trips. She was an account executive for Elizabeth Arden. So Morgan was always around fashion and drawing inspiration from her Grandmothers and Aunts as well. 
Michael would always daydream and draw about what inspired him. He started taking his first photos in the sixth grade and always found inspiration around him. 
With them having a passion for the art at an early age, they both followed their hearts and it lead them to where they are today.
Morgan Rhea began in early 2015 after Morgan returned from her apprenticeship at the Coach Headquarters in New York City. After being surround by so many people, different ages, races, and ethnicities, this fueled her passion to share people's stories. Her senior collection, "Silently Speaking Gratitude," from SCAD would be the inspiration of their company. 
Morgan's journey brought her and Michael to West Virginia. They started in a small warehouse studio in Charleston, hand punching and hand stitching each hole. They now design and make each accessory in their studio located in South Charleston. Morgan's family helps in the every day operations and they truly believe in family values and keeping their heritage alive. 
 Just as their journey has brought them here, they cherish each client’s personal story and will allow that to transfer onto each piece during the production phase. They believe not only that an accessory should represent the person that carries it but, also the path that they choose through life. 
Michael and Morgan's story is of true design, compassion and love not only for each other, but for every accessory they make.