At Morgan Rhea, we are more than just creators of leather goods; we are storytellers, dreamers, and partners in both life and creativity. Our journey began at the vibrant intersection of passion and possibility, where two paths converged at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). Little did we know that our meeting would lead to a four-year collaboration and eventually, marriage.
We founded Morgan Rhea with a shared vision to bring timeless tradition and innovative artistry to the world of leather craftsmanship.Our shared passion for art paved the path to our present.
In 2015, Morgan completed an apprenticeship at Coach Headquarters in New York City, where she was deeply moved by the diversity and stories of the people she met. Her SCAD senior collection, "Silently Speaking Gratitude," became the cornerstone and driving inspiration for their company, Morgan Rhea.
Morgan's love for fashion has been a lifelong passion. From an early age, she was immersed in the world of design, spending her days sketching her creative visions. Growing up her mother, Kathi, who worked as an account executive for Elizabeth Arden, further deepened her connection to the world of fashion and beauty.
Michael is a multi-talented individual with an enduring passion for fashion design and photography. His creative journey has been marked by a profound appreciation for craftsmanship, particularly in sewing. With a strong background in design and a keen eye for detail, Michael's ability to transform his visions into tangible creations is truly remarkable. His skills and dedication to the art of design and crafting are the driving forces behind his ability to bring unique and stunning concepts to life.
In essence, our deep-rooted values center around family, tradition, and the profound desire to transform each accessory into a cherished legacy. We believe that every piece we create should resonate with the individual, becoming not just an accessory, but a part of their story, history, and the legacy they carry forward for years to come.