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United Way of Central WV Gratitude Bracelet


Since 1931, with the original "Community Chest" and inception of the organization in Kanawha County, West Virginia, United Way of Central West Virginia has supported health and social service programs that help thousands of individuals lead healthier and more productive lives. United Way of Central West Virginia is a volunteer-led, volunteer-driven organization representing Boone, Braxton, Clay, Logan, Kanawha and Putnam counties. From the board of directors, to fundraising volunteers, as well as commuity members who lend a hand each year--united together we ensure that United Way continues to make an impact on the issues that matter most. By encouraging everyone in Central West Virginia to give, advocate, or volunteer!  United Way . . . the power to LIVE UNITED!

No donation is too small.  Here is the impact that just $50 can make in our community:

  • Reduce Hunger 
    • Provide four families with enough food for two weeks
    • 96 meals for residents of homeless shelter
  • Improve child and adolescent health and wellness
    • Fluoride and fluoride treatments for 80 children
    • X-Ray film to take bite wing x-rays on 75 children
    • Shoes and socks for three children 
    • One hour therapy session for a patient/family
  • Enhance the lives of the elderly
    • Dementia care consultation for a patient/family
  • Improve overall healthcare services
    • $52 = $1,040 in health care services
    • For every $1 donated, a total of $20 is leveraged for health care services for the uninsured 
  • United families
    • Provide three emergency communication messages to military personnel stations overseas from their family

    These reasons, and so many more, are why Morgan Robinson and Shelem (Couple #2) said yes to participating in the United Way’s annual Dancing with the Stars event.  They are incredibly grateful for your support as we work together to Live United and make a difference in our communities.  



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    • *No discount codes can be applied to Gratitude Campaigns as we are trying to raise funds for the featured cause.

    Gratitude Is An Emotion; Expressing Appreciation For What One Has. Here At Morgan Rhea, We Thrive Upon Giving Back To The Community And Showing Gratitude In A Silent Way

    Our Gratitude page is driven by the support of others. We focus our efforts and talent to help support those organizations that help support lives in a bigger way. We work with each organization and create a bracelet that reflects the mission appropriately.  These bracelets are sold for a limited time, to help their fundraising efforts. Each campaign is uniquely different and we strive to create a product that helps spread awareness and remembrance of each cause.

    Small: 7.5 inches from first hole to silver knob and 7 inches from second hole to silver knob. 

    Medium: 8 inches from first hole to silver knob and 7.5 inches from second hole to silver knob. 

    Large: 9 inches from first hole to silver knob and 8.5 inches from second hole to silver knob. 

    X-Large: 9.5 inches from first hole to silver knob and 9 inches from second hole to silver knob.

    Since we use a natural leather we suggest you do not get your bracelet wet. You will start to see a natural patina from everyday wear and the oils in your skin. The holes are a little snug in the beginning as they will begin to slightly stretch with wear.